Best Dog Breeds for Families


When speaking about the best family dog we usually mean the one that is friendly with everyone in the house, especially with children. Children no matter how you raise them are always eager to spend some time with the dog playing and hugging. To be honest not all dog breeds like excessive and noisy presence of children around and God only knows how they may react. This is why you’d better have a dog that is by default capable of withstanding children’s plays and attention.

Choosing the best family dog may prove challenging, but luckily for you we have prepared a list of such dogs. We don’t promote acquiring a certain type of dog only and nor do advertising any particular breed – this is just the list of breeds that dog fanciers living around the world helped to compose.

So who do we have in it?


A comical dog who is very…we mean VERY friendly! A happy-go-lucky beagle is one of the best pets a family can have in a lifetime. This gentle companion is a pack huntsman lead by his affection and his nose. Beagles want to be anywhere where you are presently and this is why all their antics are done just to be around with you. And yeah – for some reason that scientists will never solve, they love hugs.

Boston Terrier

Otherwise known as the “American Gentleman”, the Boston Terrier shows a gentle disposition and a desire to please his owners. This is why he is very easy to train, playful and active. Their high energizing nature needs constant control at early age so that he knows how to control himself in adulthood. Short coat makes them ideal for busy families and their need of mental stimulation can be rivaled only by your children’s desire to play with him.

Bichon Frise

Small actors who need constant assessment of their acting abilities – that’s the description which best depicts this breed. Bichons do not shed excessively despite having a thick coat but require constant grooming. Show your children how it’s done and they’ll have plenty of reasons for spending much time with the dog. However, note the fact that they are as sensitive as lovely – they do not tolerate punishment methods as can get offended easily.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


A surprisingly long and noble name for a breed, don’t you think? Well, behind this nobility a sheer cuteness is hiding. A very intelligent dog that seems to understand everything that isbeing said to it. Even though all Spaniels are hunting dogs, this breed would prefer to spend time playing instead of roaming in search of the game in the wild. However, breeders suggest getting this dog after children reach the age of 5 years at least.

French Bulldog

Frenchies are legendary dogs, to say the least. Incredible sounds that they make can be rivaled only by their personalities. They like to draw anyone’s attention and be the center of the human company and they mean it. The range of emotions they show is the same as human’s. They are especially known for showing their joy and bewilderment. Despite being born gamers, they cannot withstand long-playing sessions with children who cannot control their force and movements. As long as children are careful, a Frenchie makes a good family pet.


These dogs are gaining popularity nowadays among family couples and those with children. They have a wavy coat that needs constant care but they do not shed. This breed shows outstanding intelligence and is likely to cuddle with children who can manage their hugging strength.



A dog that has been bred for centuries to make company for people. This wonderful playful lap dog was meant to be such. The Maltese have a long flowing coat that’s better be kept trimmed thus reducing the grooming time. This tiny breed weighs around 5-8 pounds but they can give hell as if weighing ten times more: they are of spunky nature and this is why children do well with the breed.

Miniature Schnauzer

Another smart little dog easy to handle and to train. This breed should be introduced to children when being still in puppyhood. Being constantly around children, they learn to see them as their let us say senior high mates: they are playful but respect common rules of gaming and hardly ever cross any line. This is why children should be taught how to handle them and interact when playing. However, there is one thing to consider: many terriers get snappy when provoked. Hence, comes the necessity to present the puppy to children right after it reaches 8-12 weeks of age.


Who knew that a show dog could get along well with children and be just a great family member instead of a canine star! They love being around people but not like Frenchies do, for instance, with their drooling, barking and other strange sounds they make. Poodles are the dogs that need high maintenance and if you have enough time then this breed is right for you. Poodles are of small size and their nature is even more delicate than you may think: they do not like rowdy playing and prefer just being around when you’re watching TV or getting out for a ride.


This hit list would be incomplete without this one. Pug is the breed best described as the small pet with a big attitude. Incredibly playful guy and constantly happy – to such an extent that it may be even contagious, if you know what we are saying. The best thing about pugs is that they are optimists by nature and are happy to meet long-time-no-see humans as well as strangers.

Shih Tzu

A sturdy little guy that is surprisingly strong for long plays with children. Being relatively quiet and calm, they show accidental bursts of energy. They do not shed and are considered the hypoallergenic breed but grooming is needed if you want to keep your Tzu in full splendor.

As a conclusion to this short hit list of the best family dogs, we would like to add that all small dogs by default are great family friends that can brighten everyone’s day. The breeds mentioned above are a few among dozens other breeds that make suitable family pets but when speaking about small breed, these eleven breeds are the first to consider.



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